Tony Harcup

Tony Harcup, former pupil at Sir John Cass and original member of the Basement Writers, was born in Guy's Hospital in the mid 50s. He has been a lecturer of journalism for the past 30 years and currently based at University of Sheffield. Mr Harcup has been actively involved in writing since his school days where he ran an alternative school magazine publishing poems, satire and comics. He was invited to join the writers group by his former form tutor Chris Searle. Basement Writers opened up the avenues to meet a wider circle of people including senior residents of East London. Mr Harcup was particularly fond of a retired boxer, Stephen Hicks, a brilliant writer, who became involved with the group after reading about the sacking of Chris Searle on the news. Mr Harcup wrote ‘The Fighter (for Stephen Hicks)’ – during a visit to Stephen Hick’s house. He now mainly focuses on writing academic books and in 2012 published a compilation of his current and earlier work, Alternative Journalism, Alternative Voices, which explores the development of alternative journalism from the 1970s up until today.

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