Syed Shaheen

A Solicitor from East London grew up in Syedpur, Sylhet. Soon after settling in East London in 1984, he became involved with the East London Bangladeshi literary scene. Mr Shaheen started writing poetry during his college years at Dhaka University and continued writing poems in his early years in Britain which were published in various British publications including Renaissance Literary Society. In the late 80s Mr Shaheen became the President and Secretary of the East London based Literature society Shahitya Parishad. In London, He has since published two books: ‘Ghor Chara Ghor’ (Home without home)a novel about the first generation British Bangladeshis and and an anthology of his poetry. Both were published in Dhaka. Mr Shaheen began his career in the social services, managing projects funded by the Inner London Education Authority. In the late 90s, he started practicing Law and now owns a Solicitors firm in Aldgate.