Syeda Nazmin Haque

Co-Founder and Present Vice Chair of Shanghati Literary Society
Syeda Nazmin Haque, a psycho therapist, moved to London in 1985 with her family at age sixteen. She has always been passionate about Bengali literature and music and has been writing poetry from a very early age. One of her earliest memories of writing was about leaving her grandparents behind in Bangladesh. The pain of separation acted as a catalyst to continue her writing and actively seek a space to meet young like-minded Bengali literature enthusiasts. Mrs Haque became introduced to the other members of Shanghati at the Toynbee Translation Project. Her senior colleagues from Toynbee Hall namely Kamlesh Shamadar and Rahman Jilani, the then deputy director of Asian Studies department at Toynbee Hall, provided her and the other young people the moral support and guidance in setting up Shanghati. Mrs Haque has not published her poems but has been involved in Bengali cultural scene till the present day.

  • Listen: Mrs Haque talking about her journey to Britain and becoming involved with Shanghati