Shadin Khosru

Shadin Khosru, an actor and playwriter, arrived in Britain in 1982 with his parents from Maulvi Bazar, Sylhet. Mr Khosru began his career in the London Stock Exchange, however in 1987 he changed careers to follow his passion in acting. In 1992 after completing a Diploma in Film Studies at the Polytechnic of Central London and a two-year course at the London Centre of Theatre studies, he became a full member of the British Actors’ Equity Association. As an artist Mr Khosru has spent several years in the Half Moon theatre writing plays and running drama workshops. In 1993, Mr Khosru became the CEO of Kobi Nazrul Centre and organised the first ever Bangladesh New Years’ festival in Brick Lane. He has performed in numerous mainstream theatre and drama productions in the UK, Europe and Bangladesh. Like many Bangladeshis growing in the 80s, Mr Khosru used poetry as a medium to express his feelings and struggles, unfortunately none of his poems has survived.