Saleha Choudhury

Saleha Choudhury, a novelist and teacher was born in 1943 in Rajshahi (North-West Bangladesh). She worked as a lecturer at Dhaka university before moving to London in 1972 with her husband and two children. She has spent most of her life in Britain teaching Bengali at a secondary comprehensive in East London. Ms Choudhury comes from a family of writers and poets and has been writing poems and stories from a very young age. Her main passion is writing and has published over ten novels and several short stories many of which are available in Whitechapel Idea Store. 

Listen: Mrs Choudhury talking about her childhood and coming and settling in Britain
Listen: Her inspiration behind becoming a writer and talking about the story behind her poem 'Shomoy' (Time)
Listen: Mrs Choudhury talking about her poem 'Wish' - a poem about British Bengali working women