Roger Mills

Roger Mills, a writer, novelist and oral historian was Born in Hackney in 1954 and moved to Tower Hamlets in the late 70s. He joined Basement Writers a year after it was set up to develop his writing skills. In the mid-70s he wrote Ban Fascism to express the urgency to resist against the proliferation of racist and fascist groups in East London. His work in both fiction and in history has appeared in books, periodicals and magazines. In 1977, he became one of the first employees of the first community bookshop in Tower Hamlets, opened by the Tower Hamlets Arts Project. Mr Mills currently runs creative writing and history workshop courses. In 2011, his book based on East London ‘Everything happens in Cable Street’ was published by Five Leaves Publications.

Listen: From Stoke Newington to Stepney - Mr Mills talking about joining the Basement Writers in 1973
Listen: The Establishment THAP Bookshop - the predecessor to the much loved Brick Lane Book Shop
Listen: Reading Ban Facism - a piece Mr Mills wrote in 1978