Ashraf Mahmud Neswar

Ashraf Mahmud Neswar, an artist, was born in Sylhet and came to Britain in 1975 at age seventeen. He writes, directs and produces songs and plays about life in Britain. His earlier writing from the 70s reflect his experience of working in the factories as a teenager and the need for Bangladeshis to rise up against racism. In 1976, Mr Neswar became involved with Bengali Drama group run by Bangladeshi Youth Movement. He found art to be the ideal avenue for him to tackle the racist violence and other social issues experienced by young Bangladeshis living in East London. In 1979, following the racist murder of two Bangladeshis, Altab Ali and Ishaq Ali, 10-year old Punjabi boy, Kennith Singh and anti-racist activist Blair Peach, he produced the lyrical poem which we titled for the purpose of this publication ‘Victims of Racism’. Several years later this poem aimed at empowering the Bangladeshis was aired on Channel 4 documentary on Brick Lane.