Alaur Rahman

Alaur Rahman is an East London based musician who has been composing Bengali lyrics written by the East End Bangladeshi community since the 80s. Many of the poets are women who shy away from the public, have made their words accessible to the world through the work of Mr Rahman. In 1984, he performed a song written by Poetic East-End Interviewee Abdul Mukhtar Mukith at the BBC radio. A social worker by profession, Mr Rahman arrived in Britain from Sylhet in 1977, at age fourteen and took a part-time job at a local leather factory whilst completing his full time education. Soon after he started teaching himself Bengali music and made his debut as a musician at East Ham Town Hall in 1980. Recognising his passion and talent in South Asian music, his uncle set up private lessons with Brick Lane based Bengali classical musician, Pandit Haridas Ganguli. Since beginning his classical training in 1981, Mr Rahman has been invited all over Europe to perform classical, folk and modern Bengali songs at South Asian and Islamic cultural events. 

Listen: Alaur Rahman talking about his journey to London and his musical journey in Brick Lane.
Listen: Alaur Rahman singing Sylheti/Bengali Islamic Song.