Abu Taher

Founder and Present Secretary of Shanghati Literary Society

Abu Taher arrived in Britain in 1987 at age seventeen. His motivation to set up Shanghati Literary Society came from the recognition of the need to set up an alternative space specially for young creative Bangladeshis who urgently required a platform to deal with the struggle of racism and isolation. In 1988, he joined the Toynbee Translation Project at the Toynbee Hall where he became introduced to other young people sharing his passion and drive for Bengali literature, who helped Mr Taher and Mr Ahmed set up the society. Like most young people growing up in Bangladesh in the 80s, he grew up in a literary atmosphere receiving encouragement to write poetry from an early age. Several of his poems were published at local and national newspapers in Bangladesh. Mr Taher continued to publish and write poetry for several British Bengali literary magazines and became involved with Young Writers Club at Surma Newspaper. Mr Taher has published several books of plays and his first volume of poetry ‘Mar Shalader Mar’ which focuses on life in Britain and the injustice faced by migrants was published in 1995. 

  • Listen: Abu Taher talking about his childhood memories and his inspiration behind his passion in writing.
  • Listen: Abu Taher talking about his first memories of living in East London and setting up Shanghati Literary Society.