Abdus Shukkur

Abdus Shukkur, one of the founding members Bangladeshi Youth Movement (BYM) and Joi Bangla, an East London based musical band was born in Sylhet and arrived in Britain with his family in 1966 at age 10. In 1976, he became involved with setting up a number of Bangladeshi youth projects starting with BYM and in the early 80s, he helped set up The Federation of Bangladeshi Youth Organisations (FBYO), an umbrella body overseeing all the British Bangladeshi youth projects. Mr Shukkur started publishing his poetry on a weekly magazine ‘Pagol Kollan Shomitis Barta’ (Broadsheet of the Mad), a satirical publication covering local politics, produced by Mr Shukkur and his friends in the FBYO office at the Montefiore Centre. He started performing his poetry through Joi Bangla which was an offshoot of BYM, which was set up in 1983 to promote Bengali culture to children in East London and subsequently became active in the growing Asian dance scene, fusing sounds of traditional Bengali music with hip hop and contemporary dance styles. 

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