Shanghati Oral History Project is currently recruiting volunteers for various roles. 

Deadline: 28 February 2016

Our Purpose

As the main aim of the project is to record the memories of the first generation Bengali poets who migrated to East London between 1960 - 1980, we are interested in hearing from organisations that work with this age group. If you are an organisation working with Bangladeshi service users, we would like to hear from you.

It is our belief that many from the elder generation have written poems which they never shared with anyone or feel do not hold any special significance. 

We would love to meet them to demonstrate the significance of their voices and the importance of documenting their memories. Please get in touch with us

Do you work with first generation Bangladeshis from East London? 

Shanghati Literary Society is a renowned name amongst Bengali and the non-Bengali communities around the world. It was established in 1989 by a small group of poets based in London.

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​​The making of Oral History  by Graham Smith. Click here

Although our main aim is to collect memories of Bengali poets, we would also like to hear from anyone  from any background who lived in East London between 1960 - 1980 and have written poems during that period.

We are particularly interested in those who do not consider themselves to be professional poets but wrote poetry as a medium to deal with daily struggles and challenges or as a form of leisurely activity. We are not looking for any particular themes. Our main objective is to explore the thoughts of the everyday people of the East End during that period.

If you have a parent, relative or a friend who might be able to contribute to our project, please get in touch

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​Steve Lewis's 1960s East End (From Independent)

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'Poetry in the lives of East End Bengalis 1960s - 1980s' is an oral history project led by Shanghati Literary Society. It is a HLF funded project which aims to help reveal the rich heritage of poetry in post war East London.,


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Andrew Scott’s East End Photographs

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